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How To Be Invincible While Trading And Investing

As someone who is into business and investment, we understand the nature of the information you share on the respective platforms. As such, we value and prioritize the security of your money and securities. We want your funds, securities and other sensitive information to be safe.

Follow these simple dos and don'ts to avoid falling prey to fake practices. When you are investing and trading, there are many transactions that you complete and thus you need to be careful.

What is the investment:

Always check the credentials of the sub-broker / authorized person before opening an account.

  • Always verify your quarterly statement sent by Anmol Share Broking Private Limited
  • Notify us of any irregularity or unauthorized business activity you have noticed
  • Check your ledger regularly at
  • How to invest:

  • Never rely on fake assurances of fixed / high returns. Priceless Share Broking does not? No guaranteed returns are guaranteed.
  • Never sign or make blank checks / DISs or payments for unauthorized links provided by any SB / AP / third party other than the precious share broking trading platform.
  • Handing of cash / check to the personal name / account of an individual / entity should be avoided. All checks / pay-ins should be done only in the name of Precious Share Broking Limited.

Never share sensitive information like user ID, password, OTP etc.

So now that you know these steps, be careful while doing transaction related to investment. The best thing you can do is activate. Do not delay in informing us to see any irregular activities on your account. We are present to ensure that your investment journey is as smooth as possible. Also, keep in mind that it is not possible to predict the markets. Thus, do not go after fake assurances.

In case of any unauthorized transactions on your account, you can get in touch with our back office support team.

Mail us at or visit for any queries.

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