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Securities exchange is about security and trade and one thing that rings a bell when examining the stock market is what exactly is a stock exchange? So let's start with the least complicated explanation. The Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956 (SCRA) characterizes the 'Stock Exchange' as any collection of people, if established to help management in terms of consolidation, purchase, sale or protection. As we can say that trade is exchanged between the counter party.

Stock trades can be of two types. One is regional stock trade whose activity / scope of activity is indicated at the time of its acknowledgment model Magadh Stock Exchange (Patna), Kolkata Stock Exchange (Kolkata), and the other is a public trade, which The initiation model is permitted to cross country exchange since National Stock Exchange (NSE Mumbai), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE Mumbai).

Motives Behind Stock Market - Capital and Investment Income

Securities exchange serves two important needs. The first is to give money to organizations which they can use to subsidize and develop their organizations. On the occasion that an organization issues 1,000,000 portions of stock that first offer to sell for $ 10, to the point that gives the organization $ 10 million in capital that it can use to develop its business Is (whatever is spent by the organization for speculation) banks to deal with stock contributions). The organization avoids compulsion by making stock offers as opposed to obtaining the capital required for development and pays interest charges on that obligation.

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An alternative reason for the exchange of securities is to give financial experts - individuals who buy stocks - an opportunity to participate in the benefits of trading on open market organizations. Financial experts can benefit from stock purchases in two different ways. Some stocks give simple returns (a given measure of cash held near a part of a stock). Another way financial experts can benefit from buying stocks is if the share price rises above their tag, by selling their stock for a profit. For example, if a speculator buys a share of an organization's stock on a $ 10 offer and the cost of the stock climbs to $ 15 an offer accordingly, financial experts will be able to realize a half-profit on their venture by selling their offer.

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